Madina Visconti

Madina grew up in Milan, in a family of artists and industrialists, where creativity always played a crucial role. As a result, Madina grew up firmly believing that all types of creativity is Art and she started looking for her own way to express herself by getting in touch with nature, which has become her first source of inspiration.

From then on, all her pieces have reflected a dualism that can be found in nature, being both strong and romantic at the same time.

In addition to this, Madina’s sense of aesthetics brought her to rediscover the family’s treasures and to project them into the modern era. Breaking the clichè that a family ornament must be haute joillaire, Madina creates timeless pieces through her contemporary eye as a new symbol of the mother- daughter heritage.

The same attention to detail and the accurate craftsmanship, that is generally linked to the haute joaillerie concept, is now, for the first time, given to bronze and silver, which have been purposely left raw, in order to let the artisan hand be seen.
The result is a sophisticated and enduring piece.