Madina Visconti

Madina Visconti grew up in Milan, in a family of artists and industrialists, where creativity surrounded her in all of its forms.

Among the art lovers in her family, she was greatly influenced by her grandmother, who used to adorn herself with wearable sculptures created especially for her by contemporary artists, and her mother, who has been designing artisanal jewellery for many years.

Following their footsteps, Madina realized her first piece when she was 12. She then studied jewellery design in Milan and art in London, and later decided to join the family brand, previously founded by her mother, Osanna.

As a result, Madina started as a young girl to feel the need to breed her own creativity, and she eventually found her way to express it by merging jewellery design, nature and local craftsmanship.

Today, the 29 year old designer runs her own brand, that she was able to create by combining nature and her keen sense of style, with the memories of her mother working with wax to create wearable sculptures in bronze and silver.

Nature as the principle of all things

Madina Visconti has always been fascinated by the flourishing beauties of nature and the way it grows, branching freely in all directions and enveloping everything it meets on its pathway. One of her very first memories of her childhood can be traced back to the days she spent strolling through the rose gardens in the countryside, bewitched by the colours and scents of the flowers and the elegance their branches convey while climbing in every direction.

As a result, all her jewellery reflects the organic unity of nature, recalling flowers, leaves, intertwined branches, stars and free-flowing abstract patterns. Madina wishes to replicate the sensuality of natural shapes and forms, and more in general the way nature flourishes and grow: sinuously, unpredictably but at the same time in a surprisingly harmonic and proportionate way.

Even the pieces in which the natural influence seems to be less present, are left extremely organic and material, also thanks to the use of Bronze: with its particular and always diverse hues, it allows the designer to faithfully represent natural details and to give jewels an unconventional and unique touch.

Redefining Luxury

According to Madina, handcrafting mirrors a new concept of luxury that was powerfully imposed in the last few years and that she finds to be in line with her personal vision: with the term luxury today we intend the privilege to have unique pieces moulded around one’s singular taste and desires, that are completely opposed to the industrial mass production that imposes to the public a homogeneous and unpersonal style from above.

Moreover, the unique relationship that springs between Madina Visconti and the artisans allows the union of craftmanship’s know-how, the designer’s creativity and the client’s personal taste, thus obtaining unique pieces, always diverse among each other.

Therefore, here, the concept of luxury is not to be intended just as “precious”, but rather and mostly as “unique”.  Indeed, Madina’s jewels are mainly realized in semi-precious metals.

For the first time, the same attention to detail, generally linked to the luxury concept, is given to bronze and silver, which are purposely left raw, in order to let the artisan’s hand be seen.

“The result is a sophisticated and enduring piece.”


Wearing Heritage

Madina Visconti’s roots are well eradicated, and the importance she gives to family and cultural heritage is beyond fundamental.

She grew up absorbing the concept of jewels’ transversality, intending them as a precious heritage to be handed down to future generations, like her mother and grandmother did with her.

“Jewels need to remain unchained from mechanisms of seasonal production, typical of fashion firms, because they are characterised, first of all, by the emotional value they incorporate.”

Indeed, her jewels are modern and wearable today as in fifty years from now: Madina’s creations do not follow the rules of fashion, instead, they represent ever-lasting pieces encapsulating sentiments and a heritage that increase with the passing of time.

Madina’s sense of aesthetics brought her to rediscover the family’s treasures and to project them into the modern era. Breaking the cliché that a family ornament must be haute joaillerie, she creates timeless pieces through her contemporary eye as a new symbol of the mother-daughter heritage.

“The first example of the Name Cuff was originally made by my mother for her sister, in 1985, to celebrate an important event in her sister’s life: the birth of her first child. This was so personal that she never wanted it to be a part of her collection.  When I joined the brand I decided to rediscover what was in the brand’s archives, and I thought that it was just so beautiful that everyone should have the chance to own one.”


Feminine Identity

Madina’s history is the history of a generation of outstanding and runaway women, who broke the rules of their times showing a strong independent attitude.

For this reason, the importance of the feminine figure is central within every collection: the designer’s jewels convey the theatricality of a magnetic and charming woman. However, femininity must not be confused with affectation, but it is rather representative of a confident and vivid style.

Furthermore, in Madina’s conception, when a woman wears her rings, bracelets, collars and headbands, becomes an integral part of the natural world, as if she was inclined to enter the physicality of nature, losing her human identity while being embraced by the flora that surrounds her.

“In the past, nature represented the primary element for feminine decoration and, similarly, my collections do not just adorn the woman, but incorporate her within the natural sphere.”


Versatile Jewellery and Jewellery Layering

Furthermore, every jewel created by Madina is wearable with the much-needed versatility and self-confidence, irrespective of the event, allowing the woman to be the most genuine and spontaneous version of herself.

“We don’t actually need a special occasion to wear jewellery, we should be confident to be bejewelled every day, at every time of the day, with a pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt!”

The designer loves to think that her jewels can be worn mixing different collections, joyfully playing with the matching of different enamelled colours.

Also, Madina invites her public to wear her pieces together with one’s own jewels, in this way the different designs are capable to illuminate one another, conferring a marvellous image.

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