How to clean your jewellery

Silver and Bronze are considered “live metals” and can therefore lose their natural brightness; they may oxidize or stain due to many factors such as humidity, contact with the skin, exposure to chlorine or sea salt and fragrances.

We therefore recommend keeping the jewels away from these sources and keeping them separated with a piece of tissue paper in order to avoid scratching.

Sterling Silver (925) and Silver Plated Brass

Specific cleaning products should be used for silver, which are available in two forms: one for scrubbing and the other for dipping.

Oxidized Sterling Silver, Oxidized Silver Plated Brass, 24kt Gold Plated Brass and 24 kt Gold Plated Silver

Use a cotton pad soaked with a 90% alcohol-based cleaning product.

Natural Bronze and Brass

Use products specifically formulated for red metals such as copper, brass and bronze.
Alternatively, use a copper cloth.

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