Madina has always been fascinated
by the flourishing beauty of nature
and expresses it in the majority
of her creations.


Nature’s motif is the element which impels the new Edera collection. Madina Visconti re-envisions the iconic plant of Dionysus through warm, colourful leaves which evoke the period in which hedera blooms, spreading out joyfully along the forest terrain, and climbing up tree trunks as if to embrace the God of Wine himself and surround him in dance. Dionysus is known as Kissós, the Greek name of the plant. According to legend, hedera appeared right after the conception of the God, wrapping him to protect against the fire which burned the body of his mother Semele, from the lightning bolts launched by his father Zeus. For this reason, the Thebans consecrated hedera declaring it perikiòsos “winder of the columns”. Even today in the world of horticulture, hedera symbolizes loyalty and continuity. The Edera collection emulates the jagged leaves of hedera in every detail. All the pieces are in fact fused in bronze using the lost-wax casting technique, starting from the true-to-life design of the leaves. Each vein, ripple and branch are an exact replica of what the plant kingdom so generously bestows upon us. Enamels further complement the naturalistic beauty of the leaves, adorning the collection with vivid colors.


Butterfly jewelry – Whilst the vivid colours recall the long-awaited spring, the graphic and linear design of the Ali collection becomes an almost symbolic element: gold, silver and brass are meticulously manufactured to lead us through the rediscovery of natural roots of what surrounds us. In an era in which complexity and pomp are overwhelming the scene, I wanted to pay homage to simplicity that, here, becomes they keynote of all true elegance.


Stars have always fascinated me. I remember as child I would often find myself staring at paintings depicting female figures with dresses sewed with embroidery in the shape of stars. These figures also had elaborate hairstyles enriched with precious stars. Some time ago, while watching Luchino Visconti’s “Senso”, the gorgeous Alida Valli wearing a dreamy 19th century hairstyle, illuminated here and there with precious stars, struck me; and so, the Astri collection was born.


In the comfort of your home, you’re able to indulge. A cherished space where you can let your imagination run free and enjoy what makes you happy. Finding peace of mind by getting dressed up just for fun, arranging your jewelry and trying on all your favorites. Reminiscing about pieces that were given to you by friends or passed down from family. Discovering the Bouquet Collection is like opening your mother’s jewelry box for the first time, a treasure trove of vintage pieces, each one telling a story about a time and place that’s fun to dream about. When you put them on, you’re more confident, adopting someone else’s keepsake as your own. Pieces you’ll always want to wear, because they remind you of something intimate. Bouquet is a collection of classics with a creative twist: gardenia flowers and crosses fastened with chains and hoops to bring out your playful side. Vivid, electric colors create a stylish edge. Duo open rings in both bronze and silver, collar necklaces and chain rings add to the aesthetic so that you can break out of your element. Mix and match the collar and pendant chains, the double headband with teardrop dangle earrings, bangles with cufflinks. The collection is flirty, bold and iridescent.


My Bubble collection is definitely inspired by the Liberty Style: its vivid colours recall the contrasts used during that period, in combinations such as gold with a bright red, bronze with green, and dark, cold and dissolved tones with cherry-like colours. The tiny bubbles too, joined to each other, create spectacular and dynamic geometrical patterns that wave around the wrist as a bracelet, and asymmetrically hang from the lobes as earrings. Additionally, with the Bubble collection, I would like to share the purpose of that time’s artists to enhance craftsmanship, which, in my case, is exclusively performed in Milan’s Cinque Vie. I believe that the added value of these jewels lies precisely in their finishing, deliberately left semi-polished, so that the work of artisans and goldsmiths is evident and distinctive. Eventually, the brush painted enamel is the final decorative touch that further highlights the artisanship behind all the stages of production.


Handmade cuffs, chokers and headbands moulded in the shape of a feather, cast in Natural Bronze using the lost wax casting technique.


The Ivy collection clearly recalls Apollo and Daphne’s myth narrated by the ancient Greeks, in which the nymph is transformed into a laurel tree. This legend was later represented in Bernini’s figurative art, whose sculpture was, without a doubt, my greatest source of inspiration. In particular, Bernini was able to realistically replicate both the human body and the nature embracing it, highlighting their connection and characteristics. Similarly, the Ivy collection meticulously reproduces tiny ivy leaves and enamel application on the surface of the jewels further enhances their natural features, conferring a vibrant and colourful attitude to the collection.


I have always had a great passion for botanical gardens and for herbaria: from an early age, I devoted myself to collecting my favorite plants and flowers, carefully drying and pressing them in order to create actual sample books. I therefore wanted to merge my childhood memories together with my passion for nature and my personal concept of beauty throughout the Malva collection, a faithful representation of the organic nature of the plant and the variety of colors in the different seasons.


The first example of the Name Cuff was originally made by my mother for her sister, in 1985, to celebrate an important event in her sister’s life: the birth of her first child. This was so personal that she never wanted it to be a part of her collection. When I joined the brand I decided to rediscover what was in the brand’s archives, and I thought that it was just so beautiful that everyone should have the chance to own one.


The Panzè collection aims at staging the ideal of an eternal flower that survives time without fading, just like romance and remembrance do. The corollas in brass, bronze and silver disguise the vibrant colours of enamels, and the gold variant encompasses a precious diamond in its heart, just as Ophelia hid her words behind the symbol of the flower.


The “Ramo” collection represents nature in its totality: in being a single, great organism that grows and develops. You can see a branch of coral, the arm of a river that branches off into several watercourses, a vine covered in berries or fruits, the magnificence of a shaft that extends vertically and into the depths of the earth and the tiny grains of a leaf. “Ramo” reminds you of the movement of Nature, as seen from above, in the distance, or up close to observe the structure.


What I wish to portray through with my Snake Collection is the way serpents used to be represented in the figurative art, often cloaking branches, or the human body itself, in the form of jewels. This influence is also visible in the choice of materials and colours. The sinuous and sensual shapes of the Snake Collection are all handcrafted using the technique of lost wax casting: bronze, silver and gold are thought to naturally wrap around each part of the body, enhancing the harmony of the feminine curves and highlighting their beauty.

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