Craftsmanship and Tradition

Madina Visconti grew up in the famous medieval quartier of Cinque Vie, at the heart of Milan, and so does her creative process: from the design, to production and sale that all revolve around this central area.

For centuries, goldsmiths, blacksmiths and swordsmiths operated in this quartier, and are still remembered today by the names of the streets.

Today, Luxury is more about having something unique, rather than precious.”

The Cinque Vie crossroad perfectly represents the handcrafted nature of Madina’s brand, hosting historical shops, as well as new ateliers, concept stores goldsmith and artisan laboratories that preserve the artisanal knowledge within their own production.

Behind the choice to maintain the creative process rooted in this area, there is the designer’s strong desire to bring to light the artisan culture of savoir-faire, which evolved across times.

Redefining Luxury

According to Madina, handcrafting mirrors a new concept of luxury that was powerfully imposed in the last few years and that she finds to be in line with her personal vision: with the term luxury today we intend the privilege to have unique pieces moulded around one’s singular taste and desires, that are completely opposed to the industrial mass production that imposes to the public a homogeneous and unpersonal style from above.

Moreover, the unique relationship that springs between Madina Visconti and the artisans allows the union of craftmanship’s know-how, the designer’s creativity and the client’s personal taste, thus obtaining unique pieces, always diverse among each other.

Therefore, here, the concept of luxury is not to be intended just as “precious”, but rather and mostly as “unique”.  Indeed, Madina’s jewels are mainly realized in semi-precious metals.

For the first time, the same attention to detail, generally linked to the luxury concept, is given to bronze and silver, which are purposely left raw, in order to let the artisan’s hand be seen.

“The result is a sophisticated and enduring piece.”


Madina’s jewels are all handcrafted in bronze, silver or brass with the lost wax casting technique: this ancient method is based on casting molten metal into a negative shape.

Initially, Madina shapes the wax, giving an identity to the becoming jewel. This technique allows a faithful representation of the natural and organic elements that inspire her works, emphasizing both the elegance and the unique imperfection of nature that can be captured only thanks to craftmanship.

Once the process of casting bronze, silver or brass is concluded, the famous goldsmiths work the jewels, meticulously finishing these one-of-a-kind pieces with plating, enamels and stones.

“Bronze is with no doubt my favorite metal: it is alive, its shades changes in time assuming an always diverse charm. Also, bronze is more complex to obtain compared to other metals, and this contributes to the uniqueness of every jewel. Finally, you don’t really see many pieces in bronze in jewellery!”


The extensive register of pigments found in nature, accompanied Madina through the creation of collections highly characterized by combinations of colours.

Indeed, after the jewels are finished by the goldsmiths, some variants are taken to her trusted enamellist, who proceeds with the application of bright enamels, conveying to the designer’s pieces that singularity and uniqueness that characterize the brand.

The colourful enamels are able to crystallize the organic nature and the forms’ exaggeration of Madina’s creations, finally elaborating a fancy and fresh jewel that becomes synonym of a strong feminine personality.

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